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Icelandic camping deluxeIcelandic fjord hoppingIcelandic morning hot and coldif stones could tell us their storiesIf you love water, Iceland is the place to beI have been living in a dreamworld
I hear long silenced footsteps echoing through these lanesI hear many voices from the pastin a land before our timein between Earth Sea and Skyin lands of bubbling lakes and smoking Earthin search for a Northern Paradise
inside the Gates of Edenin the realm of nyads and other fairiesin the secret cove by the waterfall bwIsafjordur drive by viewisland in the streamis the forest longing for the sea
it's all in the eye of the beholderit's a rough and very narrow crossingIt's gonna be a bright, crispy cold dayIt's Good Night from the Seven Sistersit came from outer spaceIts mushroom season in London bw
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