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it was a place of darkness and harsh lifeJust can't wait to be on the road againjust follow the Route de ChoucrouteLet's get married said the bridge to the riverLife Minus Zerolife under the bridge
Light at the end of the tunnellight magic at Cape Dyrholaeyliving by and off the sealocation location locationLofoten beaches in winter have become popularLofoten fjord perspectives
lonely guardian of Sea and shipsmake a handstand and find out that the world is just the sameman is carving his signature into all things natureMars Rover returning to base campMarus Antonius glacies crepito vehiculum ad Forum Romanum pervenitMeet me on the river of time
Meet the petrified trollmemo from a road back to winter bwmemories of a thistlemillenial diamondsmisty night at the river Thamesmisty nocturne river Thames light epiphany
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