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Gallery "bw art"
all my friends came for Sunday teaand every day is groundhog daycathedrals of urban desolationcensorshipdon't wake him from his catatonic dream monoerly encounter of the Icelandic kind
Escheresquegothic thistleGroundhod Dayhomo urbense ad extremisI dare you to pass the ancient tree gate in the woodsit's some kind of fire magic
it never rains in Londons tubeit never rains in Londons tube rightlife is all smoke and mirrorslife incapsulatedLord and Lady Shuffebottoms harrowing Halloween partyLost in a Chronos maze
My friend KeithQuadrangular Bells aka Donnie Darko in Viennathe city closing inthe Mad Hatters partythe world is a confusing placetunnelmania
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