Ch. Bustos - Photography
Gallery "nature"
a mellow Scottish sunset as only winter deliversA Midwinter Day Dreama morning so fresh like the World's ever first onean almost abstract Hebridean beach imagean Arctic night of Staccatos and Glissandosa natural floor design courtesy of Icelandic geological powers
and it is here where a glacier's journey endsand Lady Aurora lifted her secretive veiland nothing else mattersand now let's talk about cold vastnessand so another night of magic and wonder beganand Wotan opened Bifrost bridge to travel to Midgard by night
and yet another fjordand yet another petrified troll perhapsand yet another waterfall in Icelandand yet another waterfall near the roadan existential credo and stancean Icelandic mountain burn
an Icelandic Superbowlan Icelandic wet walla night of celestial wonder in the cold yondera night when the gates of Asgard are wide opena Nordic light epiphanya Northern bird's paradise
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