Ch. Bustos - Photography
Gallery "nature"
nightfall over Skaftafell mountain rangenight ride in the Westfjordsno greater sculptor than nature itselfNo hell below us and above us only skyno place too immense or toofar to not feeling at homeNorthern lightshow at our doorsteps
Northern worlds of myth and wonderNorthfjord reverieNorth Iceland loves to wear stripesNorwegian Seaside Rendezvousnothing but the sounds of the Seanothing quite like the magic of an ancient forest
now we know where the Ent women areof Northern seas and Cosmic fireworksOh Deer oh Deeroh to stand in the middle of this vastness feeling but a tiny moteoh when the green spirits come marching inOlafsfjordur mirrorworld
old man winter is a mighty Couturierone of those days when you get the meaning of Iceland's nameone of those Icelandic outerworldly placesOnly the river saw me shiveringon the road againpaddel deux
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