Ch. Bustos - Photography
Gallery "nature"
There are days like thisthere are days wonderful like thisthere are places serene and wonderfulThere has to be an invisible sunthere is a tiny folk in the woodsthere is magic in the autumnal woods
there will be days like thisthe Scottish Queen is not amusedthe Sea is gorgeous in any seasonthese are the only jewels I'll ever needthese diamonds are a photographer's best friendsthese diamonds are not forever
the sky was celebreating with usthe trees Iceland collects from the Seathe unbearable lightness of beingthe wild textures of the Norththis is how I do beach holidaysthis island is teeming with waterfalls
This isn't a party, it's a whole lot moreThis might as well be Jǫtunheimrthose find beauty who crawl through the woodsthreading our way along and across the Westfjordstime for a glacier to weep blue tearsto all those who love winter
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