Ch. Bustos - Photography
Gallery "nature"
cold, distant and of ethereal beautycold glacier kisscold heartcriss crossing Icelandic wildernesscriss crossing the WestfjordsDame Aurora's been using her paint brushes again
Dance of the winter valkyriesdays by the sea and the mountainsdo I spot a dragon lair thereDo I spot some valkyries riding inDon't blink or it might vanishDon't wake them from their blue dream
Do the mountains still get excited about the skydreaming under green starry skiesdriving home through frosted beautyDurdle Door at nightfall and before a fireeaster lambsEdvard Grieg My Mind is Like a Mountain Steep
eternal companions they areeverything the body and mind needexperiencing fjord micro climateExploration with an edgeExploring Iceland's Westfjordsfall alley
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